The Fiji Procurement Office is established under Section 4 of the Fiji Procurement Regulations 2010 and commenced operations on the 1st of August 2010. The establishment of the Office and the new Fiji Procurement Regulations is a direct result of the re-organization of the Government Supplies Department.

The main functions of the Fiji Procurement Office are to regulate and administer the procurement of goods, service and works for the Government. This includes:-

  • The formulation of appropriate procurement policies and processes that uphold the guiding principle of procurement;
  • The processing of all Government tenders for good, service and works valued at over $50,000;
  • The provision of Secretariat Support for the newly established Government Tender Board;
  • The provision of logistical support for the administration and distribution of goods purchased from overseas;
  • Conducting compliance assessments of procurement functions and activities across the whole of Government.

The Warehousing and Retail functions that used to be provided by the Government Supplies Department have been phased out.

The Fiji Procurement Office has four main Units:-

Tenders Unit
  • Facilitates the tender process for the procurement of all goods, services and works over $50,000;
  • Provides Secretariat Support for the Government Tender Board;
  • Provide advice on contract negotiations and contract management issues;
  • Manages the disposal process for unserviceable and surplus assets.
Policy Unit
  • Develops procurement policies and guidelines for whole-of-government and brings it in line with international best practices;
  • Assist government agencies in procurement planning;
  • Develop and implement a competency framework for procurement;
  • Provide continuous training on procurement issues across whole-of-government.
Logistics Unit
  • Responsible for the clearance and delivery of goods imported from overseas;
  • Provide logistical and warehousing support and advice to ministries and departments;
  • Logistic Strategic Planning;
  • Logistics Management and Operation;
  • Supplies Management;
  • Contract Management.
Compliance Unit
  • Conducts compliance checks on all government agencies to ensure compliance with procurement guidelines and procedures;
  • Monitors the usage of supplier contracts;
  • Conduct investigations on any complaints regarding any procurement issues.

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