The Government’s Fleet Management Unit provides effective and efficient management of leasing vehicles for whole of government.

The Unit looks after over 1,000 leased vehicles which transports Civil Servants across different Ministries and Departments to meet service delivery priorities.

Our core responsibilities include:

  • Effective administration & management of government vehicles;
  • Improved transparency, accuracy and timeliness in relation to preparation of tender processes, lease payments and payments for repair & maintenance of state owned vehicles;
  • Implementation of new Vehicle Management System;
  • Facilitating and monitoring the implementation of the Master Agreement / Contract on leasing of government vehicle;
  • Monitoring the introduction of fuel cards for use in all government ministries and departments;
  • Dealing with matters relating to compliance with vehicle policy and Transport Rules & Instructions;
  • Facilitating requests to meet transport needs of VIP’s and national events;
  • Implementing decisions arising from Vehicle Accident Reports and;
  • Formulation and revision of transport policy.