Core Responsibilities of Units

  •  Monitoring Unit

The Monitoring Unit provides financial, commercial, and public policy analysis and advice to the Minister on all matters related to the operation, performance, and governance of public enterprises.

Additionally, the unit facilitates requests and matters that require Government’s approval or input/advice.

  • Divestment Unit

The Divestment Unit is responsible for implementing and facilitating divestment of Government’s shares in selected PEs, either through full or partial privatisation.  The unit is also tasked with managing the sale of Government assets as per the reform pipeline.

The unit also undertakes monitoring functions of PEs that have been earmarked for divestment.

  • Policy and Research Unit

The Policy Unit is responsible for establishing, monitoring, reviewing policies and procedures to improve performance and compliance by entities within MPE’s portfolio. The unit also maintains an oversight of governance issues at Board and senior management level, provides policy advise on current policies and best practices in corporate governance through research.

In addition, the Policy Unit facilitates PE Board appointments by identifying potential candidates and making recommendations to the Minister.