All applicants for employment in the Ministry of Economy must be of good character, with a background that demonstrates their commitment to the public service values contained in the Fijian Constitution. Applicants must also be Fijian Citizen under age 55, in sound health, with a clear police record.

To apply and be eligible for consideration applicants must complete the application form and also include cover letter addressing the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities required for the position; no more than two (2) pages and current CV/Resume with referee contact details. 

Vacancy No Position Title Closing Date
88/2022 Principal Economic Planning Officer-Public Enterprise 26-Sep-2022
87/2022 Oceans Specialist-Climate Change Division 26-Sep-2022
86/2022 Knowledge Management Officer_Climate Change Division 26-Sep-2022
85/2022 Budget Analyst [IS Sector] - Budget and Planning Division CLOSED
84/2022 Senior Budget Analyst [IS Sector] - Budget and Planning Division CLOSED
83/2022 Manager FMIS [Treasury Division] CLOSED
82/2022 Climate Change Adaption Specialist CLOSED
81/2022 Climate Finance Specialist CLOSED
80/2022 Manager Climate Change CLOSED
79/2022 Systems Administrator - Budget and Planning Division CLOSED
74-78/2022 Analyst and Verification Officer - Special Projects CLOSED
73/2022 Procurement Officer - Fiji Procurement Office CLOSED
72/2022 Senior Accounts Officer - Treasury Division CLOSED
70-71/2022 Budget Analyst - Administration Sector CLOSED
57/2022 Assistant Manager Debt [Re-advertised] CLOSED
69/2022 Senior Financial Analyst CLOSED
68/2022 Project Officer - PMU CLOSED
67/2022 Accounts Officer - Debt Unit CLOSED
66/2022 Manager International Cooperation CLOSED
64-65/2022 Driver - GFMU CLOSED
63/2022 Climate Change Officer Adaptation II CLOSED
62/2022 Domestic Attendant - CIU CLOSED
60 - 61/2022 Office Assistant - CIU CLOSED
59/2022 Information Officer - Administration Division CLOSED
58/2022 Office Assistant - Office Services CLOSED
57/2022 Assistant Manager Debt CLOSED
55-56/2022 Senior Auditor - IAGG CLOSED
54/2022 Treasury Assistant - FMIS CLOSED
53/2022 Accounts Officer - Financial Operations CLOSED
37/2022 Senior Accounts Officer Surcharge [Re-advertised] CLOSED



Applicants who wish to Apply may do so. 




Please email your application package to:

Late applications will not be accepted. 

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