Vacancy No Position Title Closing Date
111/2020 Senior Budget Analyst - Social Services Sector CLOSED
110/2020 Principal Budget Analyst - Social Services Sector CLOSED
109/2020 Manager Financial Policy - Treasury Division CLOSED
104-108/2020 Budget Analyst - Budget & Planning Division CLOSED
103/2020 Accounts Officer FMIS CLOSED
103/2020 Accounts Officer (FMIS) CLOSED
102/2020 Manager (Social Services) - Budget Division CLOSED
101/2020 Manager (General Admin) - Budget Division CLOSED
100/2020 Manager (Economic Policy) CLOSED
99/2020 Manager (Macroeconomic Forecasting, Policy) CLOSED
98/2020 Manager (Fiscal Forecasting) CLOSED
97/2020 Manager International Cooperation CLOSED
96/2020 Information Officer CLOSED
95/2020 Assistant Programmer CLOSED
94/2020 Senior Economist (EPRA) CLOSED
93/2020 Budget Analyst (Infrastructure Sector) CLOSED
92/2020 Senior Budget Analyst (Infrastructure Sector) CLOSED
90-91/2020 Internal Audit Officer CLOSED
89/2020 Principal Internal Audit Officer CLOSED
88/2020 Office Assistant (Financial Reporting) CLOSED
87/2020 Manager Climate Change CLOSED
86/2020 Climate Change Officer Adaptation | CLOSED
85/2020 Senior Budget Analyst (General Administration) CLOSED
84/2020 Senior Budget Analyst (Economic Services) CLOSED
83/2020 Senior Budget Analyst (Infrastructure Services) CLOSED
82/2020 Senior Economist (Fiscal Forecasting) CLOSED
81/2020 Senior Policy Analyst (Climate Change) CLOSED
80/2020 Principal Economist CLOSED
79/2020 Sustainable Development Specialist (Climate Change) CLOSED
74-78/2020 Budget Analyst CLOSED
73/2020 Senior Economist (FFPRA) CLOSED
72/2020 Senior Manager Accounting Services CLOSED
71/2020 Manager International Cooperation  CLOSED
70/2020 Climate Change Officer (Adaptation) CLOSED
69/2020 Senior Policy Analyst CLOSED
68/2020 Sustainable Development Officer CLOSED
67/2020 Sustainable Development Specialist CLOSED
62-66/2020 Internal Audit Officer CLOSED
60-61/2020 Assistant Accounts Officer - Surcharge CLOSED
59/2020 Economic Planning Officer (Policy and Research Unit) CLOSED
58/2020 Accounts Officer - Risk Management CLOSED
57/2020 Head of Climate Change CLOSED
56/2020 Executive Driver CLOSED
55/2020 Assistant Accounts Officer (Reconciliation and Reporting) CLOSED
54/2020 BUR National Coordinator CLOSED
53/2020 Oceans Officer || CLOSED
52/2020 Senior Account Officer (Debt)  CLOSED
51/2020 Financial Analyst - Public Enterprise  CLOSED
50/2020 Manager International Cooperation  CLOSED
49/2020  Manager Climate Change  CLOSED
48/2020 Senior Procurement Officer CLOSED
47/2020 Assistant Manager - Debt CLOSED
  Head of Climate Change-Applicant Information Package CLOSED
46/2020 Head of Climate Change and International Cooperation  CLOSED
45/2020 Driver-GFMU  CLOSED
43-44/2020 Procurement Officer-FPO  CLOSED
42/2020 Office Assistant-NFAR  CLOSED
41/2020 Office Assistant-PE  CLOSED
40/2020 Associate Coordinator  CLOSED
39/2020 Office Assistant  CLOSED
36-38/2020 Principal Budget Analyst CLOSED
35/2020 Climate Finance Officer II CLOSED
34/2020  Climate Finance Officer I CLOSED
33/2020 BUR National Coordinator CLOSED
32/2020 Oceans Officer CLOSED
31/2020 Oceans Officer CLOSED
29-30/2020 Office Assistant FMIS CLOSED
28/2020 Position has been withdrawn  
27/2020 IT Technical Support CLOSED
26/2020 Office Assistant CLOSED
25/2020 Executive Officer (CIU) CLOSED
24/2020 Executive Officer (CIU) CLOSED
23/2020 Manager-Climate Change CLOSED
22/2020 System Analyst Programmer CLOSED
21/2020 Head of Procurement CLOSED
20/2020 Manager-Human Resources CLOSED
19/2020 Driver-Heavy Goods Forklift CLOSED
18/2020 Senior Insurance Officer CLOSED
14-17/2020 Senior Procurement Officer CLOSED
13/2020 Senior Procurement Analyst CLOSED
12/2020 Driver - GFMU CLOSED
10-11/2020 Senior Audit Officer CLOSED
9/2020 Manager International Cooperation CLOSED
8/2020 National Project Coordinator CLOSED
7/2020 Human Resource Officer CLOSED
6/2020 Office Assistant-RMU CLOSED
5/2020 Senior Accounts Officer-Financial Operation CLOSED
4/2020 Assistant Manager-Financial Operation CLOSED
3/2020 Senior Administrative Officer (GFMU) CLOSED
2/2020 Human Resource Assistant CLOSED
1/2020 Manager - Human Resources CLOSED



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